The rooms of the Museum

        The materials exhibited in the rooms are varied and composite: they range from the large plants of Reggio by Giovanni Andrea Banzoli to the much smaller but fundamental one by Luigi Manzotti and that of the Crostolo department, to arrive at the small but refined engraving of the twelve months of year. Next to them is the series of photographs by Giuseppe Fantuzzi, who documented the demolition of the walls of Reggio in the years 1882-1889, thus portraying a part of the city that no longer exists.

        A large painting serves as a synoptic table of the rulers of Reggio from the medieval municipality to the unification of Italy, representing them through their signs and offering a synthetic but complete vision of eight centuries of history.

        Materials of unusual interest are added to the collection of pieces of various kinds: ancient playing cards and boards of what are now called board games, documents that are useful in their own way to reconstruct a social climate and an evolving typographic activity, as well as some luxurious and elegant business cards of the most prominent people.



Catalogo delle sale del Museo


                                                                                               Catalogue of the rooms of the Museum (10 MB)

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