Quality of Services Charter

         The Quality of Services Charter establishes principles and regulations in the relationship between administrations that provide services and the citizens who make use of them. 

         It constitutes a “pact” with all users – a tool of communication and information allowing users to find out about the services offered, the methods used to provide them and the standards that are promised, to verify that the commitments undertaken have been met and to express their evaluation even by means of lodging complaints. 

         The adoption of the Charter of Services by the Ministry for Cultural Assets and Activities and its institutions is part of a series of initiatives aimed at promoting a greater appreciation of its cultural heritage and, as far as possible, at adapting the organisation of activities to user expectations in accord with the requirements of protection and research. 

         The Charter will be updated from time to time to consolidate the level of quality attained and to record positive changes by carrying out projects for improvement which may also arise from the periodic monitoring of user opinions.



Quality of Services Charter (PDF 420 Kb)   ASRE Carta servizi EN_p 1 

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