The Museum of the State Archive

        The Museum of the State Archive of Reggio Emilia was established as such from the first years of the Institute's existence.

        There were several reasons for this: first of all with the ancient archive of the Municipality of Reggio there were also objects: seals, casings, cassettes for voting and to keep documents; other materials were added from the archival fonds of the Opere Pie and the professional Colleges. To all this were added numerous sealing matrices of the suppressed entities and of the State offices, and above all the series of notarial matrices, poured by the Notarial District Archives in 1912.

        There were also purchases and donations, including that of Ippolito Malaguzzi Valeri in 1899, consisting of coins and seal matrices of private individuals, military offices and other institutions ceased.

        Over time, the Museum’s premises have naturally followed the fate of the Archival Institute, which has undergone numerous rearrangements to rationalize the spaces and improve the capacity and conditions of the deposits.

        Forcibly closed and demobilized for years, today the Museum of the State Archive reopens with a new layout that, while taking into account the limited spaces, however offers the opportunity to exhibit the most significant materials for the history of the city.

        The objects are accompanied by a caption and on the catalogue, when necessary, also by some historical notes.

        A separate discussion is reserved for seals and coins.

        The four catalogues of all the Museum’s materials are published in the Digital Library of the Directorate-General for Archives.

Modellino ligneo Bolognini

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