2013 FESTIVAL OF MUSIC "From Distant Seas. Musical Infinity " V

State Archive Library, corso Cairoli, n. 6 - State Archive of Reggio Emilia - "A. Banchieri" ocarina ensemble of the Molinella music school

21 June 2013, 7 p. m. - Musical event

Locandina FM 2013

         The Fête de la Musique began in France on 21 June 1982 with the purpose to create a free national popular festival. The event was immediately a huge success and, a few years later, it became one of the symbols of Europe's cultural unity and spread worldwide.

         This event has nothing to do with other festivals based on a certain musician, genre or a schedule selected by an art director. No, this is first and foremost a free festival open to all those who want to perform and to all genres. This is the festival of all the music genres and musicians. Whether amateurs or professionals, there's a stage for everyone. It is the fusion between genres, cultures, and different types of professionalism, between rock and classical music, cultured and popular music, passion and craft.

         The public can enjoy hundreds of free concerts in city centres and suburbs. A truly popular event that enhances the value, qualifies and livens up even the least known areas.

         The European Music Day is a space for creativity and experimentation to help young musician realise their ideas and projects whilst being under the spotlight in important areas of the city.

         This year, in tune with this spirit, the State Archive of Reggio Emilia is proud to present a rather unusual act, the "A. Banchieri" ocarina ensemble of the Molinella music school (Bologna), formed by boys and girls aged between 10 and 15 years conducted by Prof. Emiliano Bernagozzi.

         They will play both traditional songs and operatic transcriptions. An opportunity to approach this simple terracotta instrument and get to know its history, renewed popularity, and, more importantly, its great versatility.


Gruppo Ocarinistico Molinella



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