Certain collections at the Reggio Emilia Record Office may be useful for research on personal data and genealogy. These are:

  • the Civil Status and Registry Office collections of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.
  • the Civil Status records of the Public Prosecutor regarding the municipalities of the Crostolo district.
  • the Civil Status records and enclosures of the Reggio Emilia Court (currently being reorganized and not available for consultation at present).
  • the Civil Status records of the Guastalla subprefecture.

The National Service registers (for those born between 1840 and 1905) can also be useful in certain cases for this type of research, but those stored in this Institute are in disorder, meaning research is difficult to carry out and not guaranteed to give the desired results. The only National Service registers that have been reorganized and that are therefore available for consultation are those from the Guastalla district for people born between 1840 and 1864. The district included the municipalities of Guastalla, Novellara, Brescello, Gualtieri, Reggiolo, Luzzara, Poviglio, Boretto, Fabbrico, Campagnola, Rio Saliceto and Rolo.

Alternative solutions are to contact the Modena Record Office (as-mo@beniculturali.it), which stores the registration papers for people born between 1874 and 1925, including those for the municipalities of the Province of Reggio Emilia, or to go through the individual municipalities of the Province of Reggio Emilia, whose email addresses can be found at http//www.provincia.re.it.

To facilitate consultation, a summary of the abovementioned collections has been provided in chronological order.