Secondary Office, via delle Carceri n. 2 - ADSI - Archivio di Stato RE

25 May 2013 - Guided tours

ADSI Manifesto 2013

        The purpose of the «GIORNATE NAZIONALI ADSI» initiative is to disclose to the wider public several corners of the city that are otherwise difficult to visit because they are private property, and to illustrate the main historic events and the artistic heritage associated with them.

        This is seen as the most effective form of public sensitization: among the many goals pursued by Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane (the Italian historic residences association) is that of spreading awareness of the intrinsic problems in the protection of these important historic treasures, many of which are relatively unknown and all of which are deserving of attention.

        This year, for the fourth time in Reggio Emilia, the ADSI event will be celebrated by opening up the courtyards of seven important historic buildings. Among others, also the State Archive has agreed to take part, opening its doors as a special concession to allow the public to view the courtyard area of the Secondary Office in via delle Carceri, no. 2 (the ex St. Tommaso prison, a State-owned property).

        The event will be attended by an official from the Institute, who will illustrate the many documents preserved within and describe the important function performed by the State Archive in the realm of cultural heritages. In addition, there will be a guide to analyse the history of this 15th century building.



ADSI Piantina 2013

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