"SOLI DEO GLORIA". Girolamo Carli (1530-1602) Chapel Master

State Records Office, corso Cairoli n. 6 - State Records Office of Reggio Emilia - Municipality of Reggio Emilia

5 p.m. 16 June 2012 - Exhibitions

Locandina SDG 2012

A conference, an exhibition and a concert: these are the three elements of Soli Deo Gloria, an event which once again aims to promote the rediscovery of Reggio Emilia’s forgotten music. The concert, to be held next weekend, will be dedicated to Girolamo Carli, a composer and chapel master at the Cathedral of Reggio Emilia during the second half of the 16th century.

         The State Records Office of Reggio Emilia (Corso Cairoli no. 6) is the venue for the conference [«Girolamo Carli (Reggio Emilia 1530 ca. - 1602), Chapel Master at Reggio Emilia during the late 16th century»], to be held at 5 p.m. on Saturday 16 June, when the life, works and history of the local composer will be illustrated and discussed by the scholars who have orchestrated the revival of Girolamo’s works: Prof. Cesarino Ruini, Prof. Mila De Santis, Maestro Sauro Rodolfi and Giovanna Mambrini, who will all be speaking at the event.

         On the same day, an exhibition of historic original musical scores will be held at the State Records Office and the Panizzi Library (Via Farini no. 3). The exhibits will be on display to visitors throughout the afternoon.

         At 9 p.m. on Sunday 17 June, in the courtyard of the Diocesan Museum (Via Vittorio Veneto no. 6), the programme will culminate with a concert by the Cantus Januae ensemble which will perform masterpieces by G.P. da Palestrina, O. di Lasso, A. Striggio and V. Ruffo, as well as the first-ever modern-day performance of some of Girolamo Carli’s five-voice madrigals.

         Four centuries after Carli’s death, his music will be revived and the notes of his works will resonate through the same places in which he was born and educated, worked and died.


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