2010 FESTIVAL OF MUSIC "From Distant Seas. Musical Infinity " II

Reggio Emilia State Records Office

21-24 June 2010 - Musical event

Locandina FM 2010

         Three evenings of concerts at the Reggio Emilia State Records Office.          

         Once again this year, the European Festival of Music is coming to Reggio Emilia, in time for the summer solstice. The event began in France in 1982 and soon spread across all the European cities.

         The fact that music was chosen as a unifying force for the Festival gives a strong indication of the expressive power of this art form. Unlike any other art form, music as a universal language is able to reach out to every single human being and it never fails to make an impression. This is one of the reasons why open spaces are favoured as event venues, and why entry is free of charge and open to everybody: so that nobody has difficulty in accessing and participating in the Festival. The Festival is also a unique opportunity for many young talents to perform, often for the first time, in front of a large and varied audience.

         For all these reasons the Reggio Emilia State Records Office has decided to lend its support, as it did last year, by organising a small project made up of three concerts, in cooperation with Reggio Emilia City Council. The concerts will take place on 21 and 24 June, right here in the courtyard of the Reggio Emilia State Records Office, and on 22 June in the Roman marble cloister of the city's Civic Museum (Musei Civici), all of the concerts beginning at 9 p.m.

         Providing the musical entertainment at these three events will be the pupils of Peri School of Music, who will perform a selection of eminent and refined pieces.

         The 22 June concert will be performed by the pianist Tea Chkhenkeli, featuring the music of Brahms, Wagner, Liszt and Prokofiev.

         For the 21 and 24 June concerts Peri School of Music Choir will perform a set mainly centred around Lied for voice, an influential genre in Romantic and Late Romantic German music, with a piano accompaniment. Several of Joseph Gabriel Rheinberger's leider will be performed in an Italian rhythm, according to a tradition which was practised until the mid-twentieth century, whilst a series of Mahler's female voice choir lieder with lyrics from Knaben Wunderhorn will be performed in the original German version, interspersed with literary translations in Italian, carried out and read by Marzio Pieri. To finish the concert there will be a series of Schumann's duets, featuring soloists from Peri School of Music.

         As an organisation which is part of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Reggio Emilia State Records Office felt its participation in the European Festival of Music to be almost imperative, in that it considers one of its specific duties to be the propagation of historical knowledge, but also of eminent examples of artistic expression, which have tracked man's progress throughout time, and thus throughout history. logo_FestadellaMusica 



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