Opera Librettos

      The Reggio Emilia Public Record Office holds the papers of the Vivi brothers, Giovanni Battista and Pio, to whom the city council entrusted the treasury office of the Municipal Theatre for almost the entirety of the 19th century.

      These papers, which were filed with the Reggio Institute in 1906, are incorrectly known as the “Vivi Theatre Archive”, but this semantic imprecision is actually justified by the overriding alignment between the definition and the documentary evidence.

      In fact, throughout their employment the Vivi brothers gathered an impressive amount of material strictly related to the activities of the Municipal Theatre, and hence to the artistic and cultural life of the city of Reggio Emilia.

      The “Vivi Theatrical Archive” contains posters for performances, portraits of the artistes who performed at the theatre during the various seasons (for details of the paintings refer to “Fiori del Parnaso” (Flowers of Parnassus) in the Events Archive), and a large number of opera libretti.

      It is the latter that it has been decided to make available to the public; alongside the most famous compositions, special attention has been devoted to lesser known or more rarely performed works.

      Numerous links lead to the Corago website: by opening them you will find the information page on the opera and copies of the booklet available for online consultation.

      «The Corago or some observations to properly stage dramatic compositions is a treatise on the staging of the opera performance, compiled around the thirties of the seventeenth century by an unidentified author, perhaps Pierfrancesco Rinuccini, son of Ottavio, or Ferdinando Saracinelli. Paraphrasing the title of the treatise, the Corago project intends to offer scholars an ordered and verified information base on Italian melodrama, from the seventeenth to the early twentieth centuries.» (http://corago.unibo.it/).


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