(according to the regulations for Record Office Libraries issued in memorandum no. 249 of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities of 26/11/1997).


      The Reggio Emilia Record Office Library is devoted in particular to the employees of the Institute. It is also open to people carrying out research regarding the collections stored at the Institute and those who cannot find the publications they require in other libraries.


      The Library has the same opening times as the Study Room: Monday to Friday, from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm.

      It may close temporarily on occasion for servicing, maintenance or in other exceptional circumstances.


      All those who are admitted to the Record Office’s study room are allowed to consult the library materials (the requirements for admission are to be aged 18 or over and present a valid form of personal ID).

      Users may only bring their own books or photocopies if they are necessary for the consultation of the works owned by the Library (i.e. bibliographies and texts for collation) and in any case they must be given authorization to do so by the manager.

      Scholars must observe the rules of conduct that apply in cultural institutes.


      The volumes must be consulted in the study room. They can only be taken out of the room for reproduction purposes, with the prior authorization of the manager and in the presence of a member of security staff. They may never leave the Record Office premises. Materials may not be taken out on loan.

      Theses and dissertations for degrees and doctorates can be consulted after 5 years, unless the author specifies otherwise.


      The library materials must be requested by presenting a correctly completed form between 9.15 am and 11.15 am on each opening day.

      At any one time, it is possible to consult 1 periodical publication (with a maximum of 2 volumes) or 2 monographic works for distribution.

      For manuscripts and rare and valuable materials, it is possible to consult one item at a time; the documents must be handed back every time the reader leaves the room, even if it is for a short period.

      It is possible for up to 2 publications that have been requested for consultation to be left in the storage area for a maximum of 2 weeks.

      Exceptions to the above can be allowed for particular reasons related to research, as long as they are in accordance with the requirements of the service.


      The works owned by the Library may be reproduced at the user’s own cost and with their own personal means (cameras only). This must be done with respect for the current regulations on author’s rights and only if the condition of the works allows it.

      Publications printed after 1900 and no earlier may be photocopied if there are special reasons for this which are approved by the manager. This service is not available for volumes in poor condition or that could be damaged, works larger than 25x35x6 cm, and tables which are larger than the format of the book containing them.

      Theses and dissertations for degrees and doctorates may only be reproduced if the request is accompanied by written authorization from the author, with an appropriately authenticated signature.


    Anyone who breaks the regulations listed above may be temporarily or permanently banned from the Library, without prejudice to any civil or criminal responsibility. In particular, anyone guilty of stealing, defacing or damaging the Institute’s heritage in any way will be banned from the Library and handed over to the judicial authorities.

    Anyone who leaves marks or writes on books and documents, even in pencil, may also be banned, as may anyone who disturbs the study and work of others in any way. In all of the above cases, the person concerned will also be obliged to pay for any damage.